Friday, 22 August 2014

Dubai Exploration : Desert Safari, Dune Bashing!

One of my reccommended activities so far in the desert country is, definitely, a unique experience to us tropical beings, the Desert Safari! With various packages to suit your needs like, overnight desert safari where you can stay a night in the desert, evening desert safari with dune bashing and bbq dinner in the desert, even just a morning desert safari! Chinese saying, like having Dim Sum in the desert!

We took the evening desert safari, the package is about AED270 per person depending on which company you approach, promotions, and online voucher purchases. The prices varies up and down greatly. Our package includes pick up from your Hotel, Dune Bashing, Camel Farm, Night BBQ Dinner in the Desert with Live Performance. Nice.

Finally arriving in the Desert Meeting Point! The Dune Bashing starts after all drivers and guest arrived.
Here we go! First, Dune Bashing!
Dune Bashing is a form of off-roading on sand dunes! Drifting on sand! One of the main highlight for Desert Safari.

Got the video from youtube, basically shows my overall experience. Didn't have any photo for Dune Bashing as we are in the vehicle and definitely not wise to take pictures while drifting all around. We got a really hardcore driver, he started drifting left and right before we even reach the desert. lol. Believed the good impression and experience from Desert Dune Bashing really comes from your driver.

Next Stop. Meet the Camels!

To be honest, i have only seen camels in zoos and cages since young, they seem boring and dirty. However, here in desert safari, you meet them in nature. Well, they are really beautiful animals. Not only not afraid approaching strangers, they can easily approach you, walk by you, pretty friendly. Unlike horses where they would walk away and get pissed off if you approached them without food in your hands. Well i did horse riding in Malaysia, what i know, they are pretty unfriendly to strangers.

There you go, Mr.Camel... mr?
Friendly and Gentle... Humans
Next Stop, Dinner Time!
Arrived at our dinner venue early, as mom was not well due to the hardcore ride, our driver gives us too much hardcore at the outset, we missed the final Dune Bashing!! Well.. at least we get to pick nice seats close to the food and next to the stage. Before dinner there are many activities too, like, camel riding, sand skiing, buggy driving, enjoying the SAND -.- (just before dinners starts there was a sandstorm and it was awful)

 Before Dinner Starts - After Dinner Starts
 Variety of Middle Eastern BBQ Food. Nice. Love she skewers.

First Highlight of the night, Belly Dancing!
Second Highlight, Arabic Cosplay!
Final highlight, relaxing by the side cushion, enjoying some shisha. Have a nice day mates.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Journey to the Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ahhh.. i can't believe it. Here I am in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One of the seven emirates (others: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah) Being here not that long, but in a blink of an eye, half a year has passed. Time really flies. It all happened in a flash, getting a job offer last minute, sending in my resignation letter, going through long negotiation sessions, visa and documents arrangements, packing bags and saying goodbye, all in less than a month, boarding MAS Airlines departing to Dubai, renting room that cost RM6000/month with the Palm Jumeirah View (through AirBnb),  then later settling down in my new studio down in Dubai Marina (through Dubizzle), getting emirates id, car license (through Belhasa Centre), renting a car (through Hanco), new car hunting, finally settled down with pre-owned Peugeot 308, Red (through 4x4 Motors). Finally everything is calm. I hope, or it is just the beginning. Managing my project Viceroy Hotel.

Coming and Staying
Getting to work in Dubai is a dream for many people. And i am one of the lucky one with this opportunity. Working Global. To get in is easy, as long as you get a job, working visa application is all managed under the company you are working for. It is the norm for company to managed your transfer, as more than half the population is expat. International professionals. However living expenses at the outset is a killer... as expenses can reach up to RM8,000.00 a month due to high cost in accommodation. Getting a decent place can easily cost RM5,000.00 a month. Besides you are staying at slightly dodgy areas, poorer location, shared, of course, anything from RM500 - RM3,000 a month can be found. Always use AirBnb and Dubizzle. 

Still reckon places like JLT & Dubai Marina for working expat (Budget Range RM4000 to 8000 per month)
or International City & Discovery Garden (Budget Range RM2000 to 5000 per month)

Best Flight
Best budget flight to get here will be MAS Airlines. I have no issue with MAS although there is some disaster recently of the missing MH370 and MH17 being shot down by Ukraines/Russia due to mistaken as some plane part of their silly war. Well, all airlines happended such events but only they are cover up stories. MAS provides one of the best timing and price for Malaysians, direct flight, you will arrive in Dubai in the evening ard 7pm, just nice for checking out the city night view, have some light dinner, and have a good rest. And for departing back to Msia, you will arrive early in the morning, a bright day for some nice dim sum and catching up. Flight duration about 8 hours.

How to Get Around
Best thing about Dubai compared to other part emirates. You have the Metro! Which connects the entire city. The system is internationaly similar. Top up card called Nol Card or just buy standard tickets. And of course plenty of taxi, too many. The taxi fares are actually cheaper than Malaysia. Soon, by end of 2014, there will be the new tram network which connects major part of attraction/residential areas along Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, etc. Bus, yes, they do have them too.

Another option is rent a car, you can get cheap ones about RM1,300.00 - RM2,000.00 a month. If you are on tourist visa no issue for rental, but if you have a job here, you will require to get an emirates driving license. Another thing to take note is that drivers seat are on the left side!

Well, at the end you will definitely buy a car due to cheap rates. Tax free!

Time Zone and Climate
Good thing for Malaysian, local time in Dubai is GMT +04:00, so only 4 hours slower! And for climate, well is a desert, and well, we are used to the Hot Sun, just slightly hotter. Stay indoor! Good part, there is winter months! from November to March. Which midday temperatures range between 20 to 35 Degree! At night it may fall down to like 10 degrees. Nice. Wear some cool jackets :)

Language and Religion
No big deal for Malaysians, multi-cultural. Everyone speaks English as far as i know. That's wonderful. Official languge, Arabic. Religion, Islam. Good thing about Dubai is that their culture are not that extremist compared to other parts and also very much open minded now. So you would feel much like home, respecting one and another cultures. However, Islam Law still applies, so some awareness is still encouraged. Although there are very bad and rude drivers, as many middles easterns and locals are pretty hard headed and rough, but no bad hand signals (the middle finger) and words (the F word) should be shown/spoken. You can get fined or even put into jail. Same to them.

Well best entertainment..., you get the witness the top in the world such as world tallest building/apartment, world largest mall, world largest themepark, highest star hotel, largest dancing fountain, etc, etc and etc. (You will get bored on the long run).

So, next good stuff is beaches. Everywhere there are nice beaches with plenty of cruise, jet ski, sky diving, etc. Life is peaceful here.

Theme Parks! Desert Safari, Underwater Aquariums, Waterpark, Zoo, Scenic Hotspots, etc.

Nightlife is one of the top in the world too. Just keep it inside the building! :))

My favourite, car hunting!!! Quite famous for Pre-Owned Cars, you can find many pre-owned dealers. Well buying a new Honda City here is like equivalent to buying a Proton Myvi in Malaysia. My aim at the moment, Porsche Boxster S!

The list goes on~

Up next. Desert Safari!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 7 & 8 - Hong Kong Finale


Fuh... Finally last chapter of Hong Kong. Getting tired talking about China-Hong Kong myself :P

After an enjoyable day on Day 6, hunting for "must eat" Hong Kong food, being all holy at the Chinese Temple praying for money and w***N, heading up to The Peak Hilltop for some chilling and walking around in Wax Museum and finally heading down to temple street and Lan Kwai Fong for some action.

Now finally our last night in Hong Kong, definitely feeling hard to leave. Hong Kong is a really nice place to be at. Cool weather, i like! 

For the final day, of course, the main highlight and so far the best attraction!


Although it has the name Ocean Park, it does not lies only on marine mammals, oceanarium, shows and entertainments. It have variety of exciting entertainments from animal theme parks, amusement park, fun and amusing mascots and well designed architectural buildings.


 First Stop, seals and walrus!

Very nice enclosure. Ice Room!

Lady insturcting the owl to drop some fishes for the seals. Cool.

Mr.Walrus! Definitely bigger than me and my friend polo behind!

Such a fat thing. Makes good food for sure...
 Star fish!

Sea Horses never fails to fascinate me more than anything!


 Erm... same to my luv of course!

Time to head to the next spot, amusement park!

Love the rides! They have almost every rides you would look forward to.

Snapping Random Shots

Flash Ride and Entertainment Theatre

 Lunch time!

The ride i love the most. Not much on thrill but definitely the beauty of the scenary

Yeah. Beautiful.

 Second Favourite Ride. Nice.

Coffee or me..


Real cool to have cable car rides to other parts of the park. Just proves how large is the park!

Dad and Mom

This is the longest escalator i have ever ride in my life!

Visiting the Giant Panda

Time to Head for the Ocean Park Main Show!

Top view always the best and safest. Marine shows always splashes water to the crowd!

Love it. Was good. Although no killer whale is a real KILLER. Maybe due to the case where the trainer was killed while performing. Though that was long time ago.

Well. Tomorrow is good bye to Hong Kong! Have a great time though. Definitely a place i would drop by again.

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